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WDS Live is Gone

Weekly Davespeak is Retired

After a long run, Weekly Davespeak has retired from the internet. You can connect with the WDS community on Facebook.

WDS has always been a special portion of the Dave Matthews Band community.

The style and interaction of this group was unique and perhaps the most welcoming hub for new and old DMB fans to connect online.

The primary reasons for ending this website are: maintenance, server costs, security concerns and the general migration of the online communities to other services like Twitter and Facebook.

"Do what you will, always walk where you like your steps."


Q: Is WDS Live still available?
A: Nope. It is not.

Q: Aw man, I liked this website. How can I share my story, express my sadness and gratitude?
A: Post on the WDS page on Facebook.

Q: I have something really important I need to check in with the site owners about. How do I do that?
A: Contact Rob Banagale.

Q: What happened to the website, like the articles and forums?
A: They have been archived for now. They may return to the web but not right now.

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