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South African Pop Group, The Parolotones, Begin US Tour

Emerging South African pop rock band, The Parlotones, are currently on their debut North American tour.  Sunday, September 26, The Parlotones will perform songs from their newest album, Stardust Galaxies, at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR. Weekly Davespeak had the opportunity to interview frontman Kahn Morbee in advance of their show.

In the interview, Morbee discusses some of the bands hopes for their performances in front of American audiences and explained how they felt an outright good vibe from the music, the people at DC9 in Washington DC on September 14 and the Viper Room in Hollywood on the 20th. They seem confident bringing an enthusiastic show to America. Morbee says, “I guess we're lucky in the sense that we've been creating our live shows over hundreds and hundreds of shows in different parts of the world in different circumstances, so we're more prepared than ever to deliver.”  

Several projects make the Parlotones stand out. In September 2009, together with Hands on Wine, the band released two wines. Named after hit singles, there is the red, called Giant Mistake and the white, Push Me To The Floor. Morbee is passionate about the rich culture, history and lifestyle surrounding regions that grow wine. Back home in Johannesburg, it is evident they keep their passion for the world close-by, through inspired performances such as the 2009 Presidential Inauguration of Jacob Zuma and at the 2010 FIFA World Cup Kick-Off. Impressively, the Parlotones set a record-breaking show at the Dome in Johannesburg by becoming the first South African band to ever headline the venue.

So, who influences this lively foursome? They claim 80s rock bands mixed with a hint of alternative frenzy. Think Robert Smith, Paul McCartney, and Billy Corgan. Vocally, Kahn gives credit to Freddy Mercury and Morrissey for inspiration in his songs.

The Parlotones’ fans can expect to be entertained with showmanship and quality that they feel is worth the ticket price. Supporting a band on their first U.S. tour has the potential for apprehension, but with time, comes exuberance. Kahn boasts, “It’s a great feeling of freedom throwing ourselves out there. The challenges and successes have inspired risks in all aspects of life and as a result I feel more enriched.” It looks like The Parlotones will continue to break new territory and be an inspiration to us all with their success. Of course, the wine may help.

Be sure to check out the band's first U.S. show review on Facebook and music and tour info on their MySpace page.  Read the complete interview Q&A and discuss the band in our forums.