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DMB Live In Rio Release

DMB LIVE IN RIOSouth Americans are celebrating with several DMB shows, and now they have another reason! The release of Live In Rio!

Live In Rio will be a 2-CD set from the September 30, 2008 show at Vio Rio, featuring Carlos Malta on wood fife on Say Goodbye. This show also marks the first live release of Grey St. featuring Jeff Coffin, and not LeRoi Moore. In South America at least, the entire set except for You Might Die Trying and #41 will be featured. The set will be released October 1 in South America.

UPDATE AS OF OCT 8: Live In Rio WILL be released in North America too! The set will be available for download for $13.99 or $15.99 and as a CD for $15.99. The downloads and CD purchase are available through the DMB Store.

What do you think of the set? Will you pick up this new live release too?Discuss it in our forums!